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We provide Transportation Services, Parking Management, & Traffic Solutions

We approach our services holistically

Taking the time to study your needs, objectives and environments for a strategic approach tailored to your events..

We support all your events requirements, including transportation services and parking management, and Traffic solutions, The best solutions we offer you, will make your events a great success.

What We Do

We provide A-Z execution for the following services

Transportations Services

Traffic Solution

Parking Management

Valet Parking

Why us?

A collective of industry experts with decades long of regional and international experience. 

Transportation Services

Working as your partner

We consider all our clients as our business partners to make your event a great success

Quality service and competitive pricing

Our strong bonds with vendors enables us to provide high quality services in very competitive prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does MENA Operations provide service?

MENA Operations provides transportation services, parking management, and traffic solutions in Saudi Arabia, Dubai & Middle East.

What kind of events MENA Operations can operate and manage?

We are fully prepared to design and implement all events, whether sports or live shows, and even huge conferences We carry out all logistics and transportation services in addition to serving VIPs

What types of vehicles does MENA Operations provide?

MENA Operations provides vehicles including motor coaches, minibuses, vans, SUV’s, and sedans; and will work with clients to determine which types of vehicles make the most sense for their transportation needs.

Does MENA Operations handle transportation for small and large meetings?

MENA Operations designs, contracts and provides management for more than 10 events annually. While MENA Operations has significant experience and expertise in managing transportation solutions for large corporate and association meetings, we can provide transportation for meetings of any size, and handle all events parking management.

What is Parking & Fleet service ?

Fleet services balance tightening capacity with increasing demand as well as deal with other challenges like driver shortages, fluctuating fuel prices, and changing industry regulations. Managing a fleet's daily tasks as well as keeping an eye on the big picture is necessary to keep the company running smoothly and profitably.

How does MENA Operations provide price quotes?

MENA Operations gathers the information needed to provide customized quotes based on the needs of each individual client.

How does MENA Operations communicate with clients during events?

MENA Operations provides a real time communication system via telephones, radios, and our technology platform during events. This system will connect MENA Operations staff, drivers and show management during the entire term of operations. On-site, MENA Operations staff is available 24/7 to handle any challenges that may arise.

If a vehicle breaks down, what are your procedures?

MENA Operations always has stand-by vehicles and drivers that can be accessed immediately in case of a service issue.

Dose MENA Operations provide all staff to arrange any event, whether indoor or outdoor?

Our distinction in lasting success is the staff that works with us. We are constantly training and equipping this staff to face all the hardships of any mega event. The experience of our staff is reflected in the successful completion of any event, in addition to the ease of dealing with any kind, whether it is a sporting or international event.

Dose MENA Operations provide VIP Services.

VIP service is what distinguishes us from others. The service we provide from the moment of arrival at the airport until departure. VIPs always give them permanent priority in dealing and service. We will not have more interest than others in this regard.

Our Core

MENA Operations is an alliance of industry experts with a shared passion to unlock the power of sport, entertainment and art, delivered in a safe, secure and engaging environment.

Our Core